The Zalewski Project Tree

Connecting the Zalewski family

Frank J Zalewski

Frank is my great-great-grandfather and the oldest Zalewski entry in my family tree. As with most people, I’d like to dig deeper into my paternal (surname) line as far as I can. Unfortunately, this is probably the shortest line I have.


We hope to collect as much data on people and families with the surname ZALEWSKI (and its variations) and put it all in one easy place.

Currently, the individuals in this tree are mainly from the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area, as my Zalewski family settled there, but includes all Zalewski families in the area. The future plan is to add more ZALEWSKI individuals from around the US and the world.

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DNA testing is all rage these days in genealogy. The awesome thing about surname studies like this is that the male descendants can take a Y-DNA test that will tell us a lot of info about the surname (Zalewski) line thousands of years back. See more info over at the Y-DNA experts, FamilyTreeDNA.

It will also tell if one Zalewski line connects to another. Autosomal DNA tests also help, but they only go back in any helpful way only a few generations, but they can compare every ancestor, not just the male line.

If you have taken a Autosomal DNA test (AncestryDNA, 23andMe, FamilyTreeDNA) or a Y-DNA test (FamilyTreeDNA), let us know and we can add the information to the tree. It'd be awesome to connect the Zalewski lines. See what DNA tests we have listed so far.