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Wisconsin, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ZIARNIAK, Harriet Helen  15 May 1902Wisconsin, United States I230
2 ZALEWSKI, Wladyslaw  Abt 1898Wisconsin, United States I451
3 ZALEWSKI, W.   I552
4 ZALEWSKI, Verona  Abt 1918Wisconsin, United States I476
5 ZALEWSKI, Valentine Joseph  14 Feb 1916Wisconsin, United States I545
6 ZALEWSKI, Thomas C  27 Dec 1914Wisconsin, United States I474
7 ZALEWSKI, Sylvia L  24 Oct 1909Wisconsin, United States I331
8 ZALEWSKI, S.P.   I234
9 ZALEWSKI, Robert G  Abt 1933Wisconsin, United States I556
10 ZALEWSKI, R.   I593
11 ZALEWSKI, Richard M  Oct 1917Wisconsin, United States I395
12 ZALEWSKI, M.A.   I233
13 ZALEWSKI, Mary  Abt 1908Wisconsin, United States I470
14 ZALEWSKI, Marie J  Abt 1908Wisconsin, United States I330
15 ZALEWSKI, L.M.   I397
16 ZALEWSKI, Deacon L.   I231
17 ZALEWSKI, Julia  Abt 1891Wisconsin, United States I448
18 ZALEWSKI, Joseph John  29 Oct 1894Wisconsin, United States I380
19 ZALEWSKI, John Francis  Abt 1913Wisconsin, United States I473
20 ZALEWSKI, J.V.   I558
21 ZALEWSKI, Henry H  24 Jul 1920Wisconsin, United States I551
22 ZALEWSKI, Harry  Abt 1908Wisconsin, United States I461
23 ZALEWSKI, G.A.   I555
24 ZALEWSKI, Frances  Abt 1912Wisconsin, United States I472
25 ZALEWSKI, Frances  9 Mar 1898Wisconsin, United States I382
26 ZALEWSKI, Florence F  Abt 1926Wisconsin, United States I399
27 ZALEWSKI, E.   I393
28 ZALEWSKI, Emily  Nov 1909Wisconsin, United States I471
29 ZALEWSKI, Elsie  Abt 1912Wisconsin, United States I543
30 ZALEWSKI, Edward  21 Sep 1921Wisconsin, United States I478
31 ZALEWSKI, D.S.   I396
32 ZALEWSKI, C.K.   I332
33 ZALEWSKI, Cecelia  Abt 1927Wisconsin, United States I480
34 ZALEWSKI, Catherine  Abt 1926Wisconsin, United States I479
35 ZALEWSKI, Carol A  1 Jun 1933Wisconsin, United States I232
36 ZALEWSKI, A.B.   I333
37 ZALEWSKI, Anton  Abt 1908Wisconsin, United States I469
38 ZALEWSKI, Annie  Abt 1900Wisconsin, United States I542
39 ZALEWSKI, Annie  Abt 1884Wisconsin, United States I444
40 ZALEWSKI, Anna  Abt 1904Wisconsin, United States I467
41 ZALEWSKI, Anna  Jun 1896Wisconsin, United States I381
42 ZALEWSKI, Ambrose C  21 Feb 1923Wisconsin, United States I283
43 ZALEWSKI, Alois C  5 Jun 1920Wisconsin, United States I477
44 ZALEWSKI, Aletha D  26 Jan 1928Wisconsin, United States I394
45 WALCZAK, M.H.   I176
46 WALCZAK, C.   I169
47 UNKNOWN, Vernice A  Abt 1909Wisconsin, United States I557
48 UNKNOWN, Marie B  Abt 1909Wisconsin, United States I554
49 UNKNOWN, Louise K  Abt 1901Wisconsin, United States I239
50 UNKNOWN, Josephine  Sep 1874Wisconsin, United States I533

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ZALEWSKI, Wladyslaw  11 May 1937Wisconsin, United States I451
2 ZALEWSKI, Thomas C  22 Dec 1999Wisconsin, United States I474
3 ZALEWSKI, Stanley F  20 Dec 1991Wisconsin, United States I540
4 ZALEWSKI, Michael Frank  7 Dec 1943Wisconsin, United States I443
5 ZALEWSKI, Mary  Abt 1930Wisconsin, United States I470
6 ZALEWSKI, Julia  24 Jan 1943Wisconsin, United States I448
7 ZALEWSKI, John Frank  10 Sep 1951Wisconsin, United States I445
8 ZALEWSKI, John Francis  Abt 1988Wisconsin, United States I473
9 ZALEWSKI, John Jr  Abt 1940Wisconsin, United States I527
10 ZALEWSKI, August Jr  15 Oct 1935Wisconsin, United States I446
11 ZALEWSKI, Annie  Abt 1992Wisconsin, United States I542
12 ZALEWSKI, Alois C  24 Apr 1999Wisconsin, United States I477
13 UNKNOWN, Marianna  Abt 1918Wisconsin, United States I525
14 UNKNOWN, Amelia  Abt 1972Wisconsin, United States I536
15 RETZKE, Alois Nick  24 Nov 2011Wisconsin, United States I516
16 BABIAK, Genevieve  14 Jun 2014Wisconsin, United States I596


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ZALEWSKI, Vincent  Dec 1887Wisconsin, United States I425
2 ZALEWSKI, Boleslaw  Abt 1903Wisconsin, United States I537
3 UNKNOWN, Josephine  Abt 1878Wisconsin, United States I533
4 STROINSKI, Max W  8 Sep 1897Wisconsin, United States I97


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ZALEWSKI / UNKNOWN  Abt 1927Wisconsin, United States F213
2 ZALEWSKI / UNKNOWN  Abt 1927Wisconsin, United States F212
3 ZALEWSKI / UNKNOWN  Abt 1920Wisconsin, United States F84
4 ZALEWSKI / UNKNOWN  Abt 1917Wisconsin, United States F147
5 ZALEWSKI / OSTROWSKI  4 Jul 1942Wisconsin, United States F179
6 WALCZAK / ZALEWSKI  6 Sep 1924Wisconsin, United States F39